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Content delivery for High Bandwidth Services

Reliable content delivery starting at 1¢/GB

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Your customers love to share files

Now you do too at 1¢/GB

No more keeping tabs on usage and hoping you chose the right package before signing a contract. Make your customers happy and do it month by month.

  • Software
  • Media
  • Large Files
  • Game Assets
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Reliable and secure patching

Keep your customer's software up to date

Bandwidth Hog pulls your software updates/patches from your origin server. We support range request, secure token urls and SSL.

Update Engine Sparkle Squirrel

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2 CDNs are better than 1

Increase Reliability with Multi-CDN

With Bandwidth Hog, you can eliminate single point of failures, balance traffic based on business requirements and manage provider costs. We integrate perfectly with AWS Route 53, Dyn Traffic Director, Cedexis Openmix and NSONE.

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Powered by MaxCDN

Proven technology and support

Bandwidth Hog is powered by the MaxCDN platform that continues to scale and handle trillions of successful requests a year. This also means you get access to the MaxCDN Speed Team. Say hello to integration and account specialists that are available 24/7/365. CDNs have never had such value until now.

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